Selling Your Home

April 10, 2015

Find Your Next Home with the Live In The ATL Team App


Curious what that house is selling for that you pass every day on your drive into work? Perhaps you’re out looking at properties with your family and you see another home for sale that just went on the market? Simply grab your smart phone and use our award winning ...

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March 30, 2015

Now Is The Time to Sell Your Home


We are always asked, “How’s the market?” Well as we start spring there just aren’t enough homes for sale in Atlanta to satisfy the demand of all the Buyers currently in the market. This is not uncommon in the ATL, as historically inventory levels are lower through winter ...

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March 26, 2015

Back To The Future


Back to the Future

So today is the day Marty McFly jumped forward to in Back To The Future. The average price of a home in 1985 was only $85,400 and the national average home value today is $202,600. While we would all love a way to add an average of $117,200 ...

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